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About Us

With the advent of Health Care Reform in the United States, the landscape for employee benefits, compliance, education, and communication has dramatically changed. Human Resource professionals are more now than ever looking to trusted partners for a turn-key enrollment solution that is flexible and customized to meet their needs. WeEnroll was founded to meet the ever increasing need for customized voluntary benefit enrollment solutions. The WeEnroll team of professionals have
decades of experience conducting successful enrollments for clients ranging from ten employees to tens of thousands. With enrollment counselors licensed across the country & a staff of in-house attorneys, CPAs, and benefits design architects, we have the experience to develop effective enrollments from major medical to supplemental benefits, and everything in-between. The heritage of our organization grows from a national employee benefits specialist firm, World Insurance Association, Inc., that
understands all aspects of employee benefits communication
Though our clients and their needs are unique, the underlying philosophy that guides our firm is consistent. Our goals are to provide education regarding the unique benefit offerings available and effective communication. This enables your employees to make the best decisions with their benefit dollars to protect themselves, their families, and their financial futures.


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Michelle L. Sutter, ACBC

Sr. VP of Employee Benefit Consulting

One would describe Michelle Sutter as a Solutions Engineer. She is a practicing consultant with over 25 years of experience derived from a diverse collection of skill sets in the following disciplines: employee health and welfare management, medical insurance claims and premium expense management, wellness, corporate compliance and functional human capital services. With clients both domestic and internationally based, Michelle’s center of influence is quite vast in her field. Her general areas of practical expertise include corporate employee benefits, health and benefits education, and risk management at a variety of levels. Michelle’s experience and practice encompasses a wide range of current techniques in creating and implementing solutions for individuals as well as businesses from 20 to 20,000 employees in plan management or product design.

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WeEnroll Provides comprehensive enrollment management from start to finish — and for all stages in between.

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